Application for export

Application for export
Svensk Travsport Kundtjänst


  • In case of export of a horse you need to use the form "Application of export". The form must be completely filled out and be send into The Swedish Trotting Association in original.

    The export fee must be paid in advance to the Swedish Trotting Associations bank account:
    IBAN:SE83 5000 0000 0529 1100 4612
    Name of the bank and address: SEB, Sturegatan 22, S-172 31 SUNDBYBERG, SWEDEN.
    It is important that the horse name is included in the payment.

    When the horse leaves Sweden, the following papers need to be included:
    • Passport
    • Health certificate, not older than 48 h.
    • An invoice or a receipt that shows that the horse are bought to another country.
    Svensk Travsport Kundtjänst

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