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My mare gave birth to a foal.

My mare gave birth to a foal.
Svensk Travsport Kundtjänst


  • If your mare gave birth to a foal abroad we need to send you the Foal registration Application. In order to complete the registration process, you need to complete the Swedish application with an Foal application from (country). Please contact the stallion owner for that form.

    Fees for foal registration, 625 SEK taxes included, are based on the length of time between when the foal was born and when the registration process is finished.
    Registration fee:
    Within 0-3 months of the foaling 0 SEK
    Between 3-6 months of the foaling 1375 SEK (taxes included)
    Between 6-9 months of the foaling 3875 SEK (taxes included)
    Between 9-12 months, after December 31 of year foaled 6375 SEK (taxes included)

    Best regards
    Svensk Travsport Kundtjänst

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